Being in Love with the King of the World


So first things first. The Simultaneously Tour - a full year came to an end where it began, Boston last month! 

Thank you to every single person who played a role in this. Something like this could not have been possible without the huge gang of almost 100 people who played a role in Fundraising, Recording, Mixing, Touring. I am in the process of making a small video of the 25ish shows we played in 5 cities as well as wrapping up the kickstarter gifts, so hold on, I will update you!

But here is what I wanted to share with you. I have found my next project! (Well I have found a few, but one at a time, Armeen!) 2 days ago I performed my first ever festival at the Dhaka Lit Fest, where I debuted my new set named "Being in Love with the King of the World" - a set of poetry and songs depicting the journey of 2 lovers. It is very different from anything I have ever done, so challenging as it is really personal and includes me reciting my poetry for the first time as part of the story; but the first show was so rewarding, I have decided to continue this set for a while- with just me on guitar and keys and my new friend Sinjan on guitars (when in Dhaka!)

Photo by Avishek Bhattacharjee

Photo by Avishek Bhattacharjee

And thus this new set and I will be traveling to my next destination: Sydney!

Yes yes yes!  I can hardly believe my luck, I am getting to go down under, somewhere I have only dreamt of going (mainly to eat!) and I will be performing at the Django Bar in Marrickville. The beautiful Fariba Omar Laura and her band The Crew will be doing the first half, followed by me and a new guitarist friend I am yet to meet in person, Charlie Meadows! I cannot tell you how excited I am and would really appreciate it if you would send your friends/music lovers in Sydney my way. (Dhaka friends, I will be performing this in Dhaka from January)

Tickets and info here: http://

Here is a sample of one the poems from "Being in Love with the King of the World:"


“And then I fell for you

When it was the deep of the night

And I had no yearning for love

When all I knew was my own world

And you dropped right in 

Pushing through like

Swimming against the waves.

And then I fell for you

Even though I didn’t want to

You placed my broken wounds

In your soft lap

My head on your shoulders 

My mind refusing the help

My heart needing it.

And then I fell for you

And let all tides run loose

Held back nothing of my soul

Wrapped my love 

Around the neck of yours

And held on for dear life.


Okay here goes!

Love you all, hope to see some of you in Sydney. Will be updating the newsletter more frequently from now on, hope you will stay with me on my journey