Hong Kong

Love of my life : Toro

Okay okay I admit, I say that about many things, but truly toro is something I pay tons of dollars on an independent musicians salary for, even in Dhaka.  So had to end my epic solo vacay with it.  

Luckily Hong Kong is the perfect place to get good Japanese even in a mall. Sushi Sei it was. 

And then it came. The Toro. The beautiful delicious of fat and smooth. Mmmmmmm. Placed on a bed of brown rice and covered with dried seaweed . Dipped in soya and wasabi- I was in heaven. 

To end my meal I had some miso cod. Zak if you're reading this, I searched for that perfect miso cod everywhere but alas, nowhere as near as good as yours.  

Anyway welcome to my new site Homies! Turning 30 and losing my dad has put life into perspective. To not waste a moment on things and people who don't make it better. 

I am free for a reason and that reason is to live, love, and learn.  

I'm working backwards for 2015 since I've been so out of it. Now off to Turkey for more gastronomical and musical adventures. Plan to blog about both.